Our Customers

Co-operatives, Friendly and Benevolent Societies’ members, Government Agencies, Non-Government Organizations, International Agencies, Consultants, Attorneys-at-Law, Community Leaders, Students and other Individuals customers

Our Services

The Department of Co-operatives and Friendly Societies will diligently and efficiently deliver to its customers these services:

  • Auditing Co-operatives, Friendly and Benevolent Societies;

  • Developing and implementing of Accounting Systems;

  • Formulating Policies and Systems for strengthening of accountability and transparency in operations;

  • Revising and Modernizing of Rules;

  • Providing training on the Movement, duties and responsibilities of members and officers;

  • Providing advice and settling of disputes through arbitrations;

  • Researching queries and providing data on the Co-operative and Friendly Societies’ Movement;

  • Co-ordinating management retreats, forums and providing presenters and materials;

  • Mediating and creating alliances with local and international stakeholders to provide institutional strengthening;

  • Participating in public events for promotion of the sector.

  • Providing current information on the Department, Co-operatives and Friendly Societies on our website and available publications.

That You Should Expect From Us

We are committed to quality service delivery to all our customers, as we believe in professionalism, integrity and efficiency, thus we will uphold all these standards:

  • Answer telephone politely within three (3) rings. Receivers shall identify the Department and themselves in a professional manner;

  • Hold calls for no longer than thirty (30) seconds after acknowledging customers, when customers telephone the Department;

  • Connect customers making request by telephone (based on needs) to the required Section;

  • Ensure customers do not have to connect with more than two (2) employees other than the receiver (except it is the customers’ choice);

  • Acknowledge customers visiting the Department cordially and direct them to an employee within five (5) minutes;

  • Acknowledge facsimile/email correspondence and voice mail messages within a maximum of three (3) days of receipt;

  • Reply to customers writing to the Department for the purpose of requesting data within ten (10) working days of receipt;

The Customer’s Role

The effectiveness and efficiency in service delivery to you our respected customer can be best achieved if you play your part by: Indicating clearly and precisely your concerns (always identify your associated Society);

  • Providing at least five (5) working days notice for our technical officers to be present at any meeting;

  • Providing at least ten (10) working days notice for presentation at forums on specific areas of our functions;

  • Providing at least one (1) day notice when making appointment to review documents or making request for copy of any document: The Information Officer is available on Mondays-Thursdays between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. and on Fridays between 9:00 a.m. and 3:30 p.m;

  • Handling our publications, files and subsidiary records with care;

  • Seeking an appointment prior to direct consultation with a specific staff at the Department;

  • Informing the Department of change in mailing address and contact numbers within five (5) working days before the change;

  • Being polite and professional in conducting business with the Department.

Our Complaints Procedures

We are poised for transformation therefore your comments and suggestions are always welcome. All complaints should be addressed to:

The Registrar
Department of Co-operatives and Friendly Societies
2 Musgrave Avenue, Kingston 10
Telephone (876) 9276572/74912 or 9781946
Facsimile 927-5832

  • The complaints/comments will be acknowledged in five (5) working days and resolved in 10 working days;

  • For those complaints, which cannot be resolved in ten (10) working days, the customers will be contacted;

  • If you are not satisfied with the Department’s complaints procedures you may contact as stated below.

First contact:
Mr. Errol Gallimore
Registrar of Co-operative Societies and Friendly Societies
2 Musgrave Avenue
Kingston 10
Telephone #: 946:3709/Fax:927-5832

Second contact:
The Permanent Secretary
Ministry of Commerce, Science and Technology
36 Trafalgar Road
Kingston 10
Telephone #: 929-8990

Still not satisfied, contact:
Senior Director
Standard & Monitoring Unit
2a Devon Road
Kingston 10
Telephone #: 929-1423/Fax: 9296677

For further redress, contact:
Public Defender
78 Harbour Street
Telephone # : 922-7089/Fax: 922-9830

February 2, 2006

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