Get a closer look at our Management Team


Errol, Registrar of Co-operative Societies & Friendly Societies joined the Department in 1980 and was assigned to the Audit Section. He was promoted to Supervisor within a reasonable short period. He had a passion for financial matters and so he further built on the training he received on the job by doing extensive research on financial matters. It was no surprise that he worked his way to the top of the Audit Section in 1999; this position he held until he was appointed Registrar in 2010.  He has studied at the Loughborough University in England, Xavier University in Canada, Management Institute for National Development as well as the Jamaica Paralegal Institute in Kingston.


Sonia is currently the Director with responsibilities for the Inspectorate and Supervision Section. She joined the Department in 1979 as a Co-operative Officer after graduating from the Jamaica School of Agriculture. Since then she has held several positions in the Department and has acted on several occasions in the capacity of Registrar. 

She possesses a wealth of knowledge gained through training in Cooperative Management and Development from Hungary, Israel and England. She holds a BSc. Degree in HRM, Associate Degree in Cooperative Management and a Diploma in Agriculture. She is married with six (6) daughters.


Lavern began her career at the Department as an Auditor and has moved her way up to her current position as Director of Audits and Investigations. She is accountable for the audit of the accounts of all Co-operatives and Friendly Societies, their financial management, and the investigations into fraudulent or unlawful use of these Societies’ funds and assets.

She is a Chartered Accountant, married and has two (2) daughters.


Paulette, being the Director of Research, Training and Development is responsible for the provision of Co-operative Education and the facilitation of training and development to Groups seeking registration, as well as to member, volunteers and staff of Societies. She has been with the Department for the past fourteen (14) years and has held several positions over the period. Paulette graduated from UWI, Mona with a BSc. in Management Studies. She also holds a Post Graduate Diplomas in HR and a Post Graduate Diploma in Public Sector Senior Management Development.

Her involvements in a number of civic duties and social activities have touched the lives of many. © 2012  |  Privacy Policy