The Inspectorate Section is tasked with ensuring that Rules amended at the societies’ Annual or Special General Meetings are properly prepared and submitted to the Registrar of Co-operative Societies for certification. The Co-operative Societies Act and the Friendly Societies Act, mandate a simple and straightforward method within which approval and certification of Rules can be accomplished. This includes, (a) submission of the Rules in triplicates to the Registrar; (b) affixation of the signatures of the Board Chairman and Secretary at the time the Rules were amended; and (c) the seal of the society firmly affixed to the signature page signed by the Chairman and Secretary

Proof that the Rules were properly tabled at the annual or Special General Meeting should accompany the submission, that is, the name of the society whose Rules are being amended, the date the meeting was held, that the amendment was done via a special majority vote, the names of the members who moved and seconded the motion, and numerical representation of the number of members present and voting, along with the numbers that voted in favour of, against and abstained from the voting process. Amendments to Rules must be done with at least a three-fourths majority vote of the members present at the time.

Amendments to Rules become valid after being registered under the respective Acts, and at which point a copy would be issued to the society. However, the power lies within the Registrar to refuse to register an amendment, which may be appealed to the Tribunal within one month from the date of such refusal.


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